Make a Little Magic

We’re all about a world that’s kind, tolerant + connected.

We live in such an amazing time that’s beautiful and complicated, inspirational and amazing, but it’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses when you’re late for a meeting and stuck in a traffic jam.

We want you to experience the magic of what simple acts of kindness can do while at the same time, ease some of that stress and give you something to feel good about when you snuggle in for the night.

You never know where one little 5 minute gesture might take you. You might make a new friend, or end up on a crazy adventure.  Maybe you’ll just feel a little rush of love and happiness.  Whatever it is – it’s a nice break from a busy stressful day.

Send Us Your Kindness

We want your random acts of kindness to share with the world!

We spend an incredible amount of time wracking our brains for new ways to connect to and help humanity, but our list is by no means complete.  We’re sure there’s no shortage of amazing ideas and creative ways to be a better human, in your marvelous brains, so send your acts of kindness our way so we can add them to our site!