Be Random. Be Awesome. Be Kind.

Pushing the world forward doesn’t have to mean giving up your weekend to volunteer at a soup kitchen, or heading out on a rainy morning for a protest (although those are amazing things that we fully support!). Sometimes the smallest gestures can change everything.  That’s what we’re about.  Inspiring an act of kindness, humanity, and awesomeness that doesn’t cost a ton or leave you feeling exhausted or over scheduled.  Basically? This is how you do good in the world and still find time to take a nap.  Everyone wins, right?

So start your journey by searching for an act of kindness below. You can choose from some of our categories or get right into scrolling through our big, bad-ass list of kindness.

Now go forth and be awesome, you amazing ninja of goodness!


(Should you be inspired and think of an act of kindness we don’t have – then click here and post your suggestion.)